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Yes this is a goldmine of legal forms and documents of all kinds. There are so many, that it is hard to imagine anything that you need cannot be found.

You will also find some very helpful instructions about Corporations, Wills and Trusts.

A Trust is a legal document which holds property in its own name on behalf of another person or persons. 

A living trust is a living document that survives after the death of the grantor. Since it is a piece of paper, it can not die.

The Grantor is the person who sets up a trust and places the property, funds, real estate, or other possessions in the trust's name.

A Trustee is the person who manages the property placed in a trust, and the Trustee and the Grantor of a living trust, can be the same person.

And then the other part of a Trust is the beneficiary, that receives the proceeds. 

I am not going to attempt to list the 1,000's of Free Legal Forms and Documents here, but here are a few of them so you will get a idea of what you will find. 

Assignment of Deed of Trust 
Assignment of Income 
Assignment of Lease 
Assignment of Lease 
Assignment of Lien 

Collections of payments
10-Day Notice Before Collections on Delinquent Account 
30-Day Notice to Quit 
Collections Report on Current Status of Debt 
Credit Dept Report to Collections on Past Due Account 
Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer 
Demand by Secured Party for Possession of Collateral
Demand on Guarantor 
Demand that Future Payment Be by Certified Check 
Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment 
Fifth Overdue Payment Reminder, Notice of Credit Hold 
Final Demand for Payment on Delinquent Account 
Final Notice Before Legal Action 
Final Notice of Impending Litigation 
Firm Letter on Past Due Account 
Five Day Demand For Payment 
Grant of Request for Extension of Time 
Letter of Default on Promissory Note 
Notice of Dishonored Check 
Notice to Customer of Check Returned NSF
Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
Notice of Overdue Account
Offer of 2% Discount for Speedy Payments 
Overdue Payment Reminder Letter 
Promissory Note (Demand) 
Return of Check Missing Signature 

Real Estate, Lease and rental
30-Day Notice to Quit
7-Day Notice to Quit
Agreement for extension of lease
Agreement for permission to sublet
Assignment of contract for purchase of real estate property
Assignment of entire interest in estate
Assignment of lease by lessee with consent of lessor
Assignment of mortgage
Assignment of option to purchase real estate
Assignment of real estate purchase and sale agreement
Assignments of rents by lessor with repurchase agreement
Balloon mortgage note
Bill of sale
Bill of Sale (with Warranty of Title) 
Bill of Sale 
Commercial Lease Agreement
Contract for purchase and sale
Contract for sale and purchase
Disputed Balance Notice
Extension of Lease 
Lease agreement
Letter of Default on Promissory Note 
Mortgage assumption agreement
Note Secured By Deed of Trust (Straight Note) 
Notice of Default 
Notice of Intention to Foreclose Notice of Lease
Notice of revocation of power of attorney
Notice of Right of Rescission
Notice of Termination of Lease
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit 
Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent
Option agreement for sale of real property
Pledge of Personal Property as Collateral Security 
Power of Attorney 
Promissory note
Promissory Note (Demand) 
Promissory Note (In Lieu of Open Account Debt) 
Promissory Note (Installment Note - Short Form) 
Promissory Note (Long Form) 
Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement 
Promissory Note Demand 
Promissory Note with Guarantee 
Promissory Note 
Promissory Note-Installment 
Promissory Note-Installment-With Acceleration Clause 
Property management agreement
Quit-claim deed
Quitclaim Deed 
Rent receipt
Rental application
Residential Lease Agreement
Residential Lease Application
Tenant's Notice to Exercise Purchase Option
Warranty Bill of Sale
Warranty Deed

Personal and Family
Automobile rental agreement
Balloon Note 
Bill of Sale
Boat rental agreement
Buy-Sell agreement
General Power of Attorney
Irrevocable Trust
Last will and testament
Lease of Personal Property
Memorandum of contract for sale & purchase of property
Personal Property
Personal Property sale agreement
Quitclaim Bill of Sale
Quitclaim Bill Promissory Note 
Receipt for non-refundable deposit
Revocable Trust
Revocation of Power of Attorney
Sale of motor vehicle
Simple Will Form
Warranty Bill of Sale

For Your Future Financially Independent Status.
Discreet Letter of Resignation

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