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When property taxes are not paid,  the property becomes delinquent and the individual States deal with this in different ways.

One way is conducting a tax sale, where the winning bidder at the tax sale receives a deed to the property, and another is simply selling a certificate to an investor at a tax lien certificate auction, where the investor makes the huge rates of returns on their money which can be up to 24%  and even higher.  

You will get access to addresses and phone numbers for virtually every taxing authority in the US that we know of that administer the tax sales in every County in the 50 States.

Unlike books, tapes, and instructional courses, our web sites are constantly updated with new and updated information. If a phone number or address changes, you will have it.

Tax Defaulted Deed Sales

First a little bit about tax sales, where the winning bidder gets a deed to the property.

This is where you can buy property "free and clear" at a tax defaulted deed auctions. These taxing agencies sell the property to the highest bidder to recover the original taxes and costs due, or in some cases even less. 

This is the place to get a real bargain, where property can be bought for as low as 10 or 20 cents on the dollar. Some States, allow you can buy tax defaulted property by mail or simply offer over the counter sales.

If you have ever been to any local type auction, then you have seen how most everything sells for such a reasonable price. That is the way it is with these tax deed sales. 

Go here to  

see the results of an actual tax Deed sale with the minimum bids and the winning bids.  

As you can see from the above link to an actual tax sale, most of the properties sold for less that $2,000 and many sold for less than $1,000.  There were 2 acre lots zones for apartments, that sold for $800 and $900, there were lots ready to build on with full utilities and water that sold for $1500 or less. Similar properties in these areas are being sold for much more.
( This is an example of just one of the hundreds of tax auctions, and of course it is not meant to be represented as typical for all areas of the Country, or even within the same County, as they will not necessarily give the same type of results ).

When property does not sell at the auction, the different taxing authorities handle this is different ways, depending upon the State laws. Some simply lower the minimum bid and then "rerun" it, some lower the minimum for future auctions until it sells, and still others just put it in their inventory to be sold over the counter, and others accept lower offers by mail, that they may or may not accept. Still others post your mail in bid, and if there are no higher bids within a short time (Like 2 weeks or so), then you get the property, If not, then a private auction will be held with you and any other bidders that were active during this time period.  

Tax Lien Certificate Sales

Free updates - we never outdate

Tax Lien Certificates are delinquent taxes that are sold in many States, at auction by local taxing districts to investors, so that they can operate with most of their anticipated tax money. 

The advantage is that the investor receives the penalties and high interest that is due, or the property, if the taxes continue to be unpaid past the redemption period.

Are you satisfied with bank interest of 3 or 4% interest - That kind of interest will get you nowhere fast. If all of your interest is not eaten up with inflation, then the Government will be happy to tax it as income, to help out a little bit.

Now you will be able to find out how to earn  24% return and more, by buying tax lien certificates that are secured by the same real estate that the taxes are owed upon.

Anyone can buy a tax lien certificate for as little as $100.00. The liens are all different prices, depending on the amount of the tax lien.

You will even be able to buy them by mail.

We will show you what not to do, and the precautions that you should take before buying a Certificate through the mail.

We will show you detailed instructions, and the rules of bidding.

We will show you mistakes that can be avoided, so you will not be reinventing the wheel.

You will learn how to get started in simple step by step instructions.

This does take some time, effort and research, but the returns are your reward.

You will learn how much to pay, depending on the tax lien certificate cost in proportion to the property, and also to help you from ending up a lot that is 2' wide property that is 1 mile long. or that the tax liens are to high in proportion to the properties.

What else we offer

We furnish you with all of the information that you need to get started, with our "online" guide, that contains how to do all of the above including:

pro's and con's of these type of tax sales

how to research the property

how to find the property

what to look for

what to watch out for

how to determine the value of the property

how to read legal descriptions

How to get auction dates if not available online

auction procedures, locations and contacts

how to get a sale list if not available online

State Statutes pertaining to the laws that regulate these tax sales.

online property databases with owner information where available

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